Difference Between Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule and Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule

If you want to calculate the effect of a magnetic field on a current-carrying conductor, then it is only possible with the help of the Flemings Left-Hand and Flemings Right-Hand rule. Moreover, these principles play a vital role in solving various types of problems and understanding major topics and chapters in Physics. However, for people who are learning these principles for the first time, they will be a bit confusing and hard to understand.

Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule or the rule of motors is necessary to calculate the direction of force when a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field. For this rule, the individual must stretch the thumb, index finger, and middle finger in a way that they all stay perpendicular to each other. And at the same time, the conductor placed inside the magnetic field will experience a magnetic force.

As you can guess from the above section, this law is useful to find out the direction of induced current when a conductor that has current passing through it is kept inside a magnetic field, where it will experience the magnetic force. Similar to the Fleming left-hand rule, the three fingers in the Fleming right hand represent different quantities such as Induced Current, Magnetic Field, and the Direction of Induced Current.

Thumb: It states the direction of Motion of the Conductor.
Index Finger: It represents the Direction of Magnetic Field (B)
Middle Finger: It points in the direction of the Induced Current (I).
Difference between Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule and Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule

Now that you have understood the basics of the Fleming Left-Hand rule and Right-Hand Rule. Let us now talk about the differences between these two rules in more detail below.

Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule

Only applicable for Electric Motors
The middle finger on the left hand represents the direction of current
This rule helps the students to find the direction of the magnetic force acting on the current carrying conductor
Fleming’s Right-Hand Rule

Only applicable for Electric Generators
The middle finger on the right hand represents the direction of induced current (I)
This rule helps students to find the direction of induced current in an electrical generator.
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